Sun Valley Golf Course cool  season rates go into effect November 5, 2018. Please call the pro shop at (573) 898-2613 for pricing. For our lowest rates, book your tee time below!


Valley Rates

(Multiple Daily Rates for 18-Holes with Cart)
Each day is divided into five fare periods, based on the demand for individual tee times:

  • 7:30am-8:59am - Dawn
  • 9:00am-12:59am - Prime Time
  • 1:00am-5:00pm - Noon
  • Monday-Friday's demand for the same rate period is generally lower than on weekends
  • Regular, Senior/Junior, and 9-Hole "Valley Rates" (Three Seperate Rate Structures)
  • Great Regular Rates for players under 60 years of age, seven days a week
  • Better Senior/Junior rates for players age 60+ or under 18, seven days a week
  • Best 9-Hole rates, seven days a week, for players only able to play 9-Holes
  • To find these rates or book a tee time 24/7/365, please:
    • see "Book a Tee Time" below
    • View rates for dates 8-14 days from today
    • When without internet access, please call 573-898-2613 to book "Valley Rates" tee times

Canyon Rates

(Dynamic Pricing Applied to "Valley Rates")
Depending on daily market factors, "Valley Rates" often fluctuate downward on our website/mobile app only as we approach a particular tee time, resulting in more attractive "Canyon Rates" becoming available at:
  • "Book a Tee Time" below
  • View rates for today and the next 1-3 days
  • Book your tee time at our best available "Canyon Rate"